PMS is freaking awful

Ye olde red flag is soon to be hoisted & it’s a rough round of PMS that I’m contending with this time around.  There’s a little more to the story, which I am not going to discuss, but I’m feeling super, ultra-mega gross & all unsure about myself.  I really could burst into tears at any given time, but I have been holding off on the deluge because I’m afraid that if I do give in, I won’t be able to stop.  I am going to be 42 in a few weeks & all my life, well from puberty hitting hard at 12 until about 5 years ago, I’d always had unpredictable periods.  I’d skip months & even stopped ragging for 8 months due to steroid induced Cushing’s Syndrome & could never quite be sure when & if I’d go on the rag & although it made for some stressful years once I’d started having sex, I LOVED it. 5 years ago, I started getting it on a 28 day schedule & can have periods that make me pukey & unable to get out of bed.  The PMS is brutal.  I’m either snarky & mean, ready to rip heads off or all melancholy & ultra-bummed.  As of an event on April 16th, I’m a bummed fool & am doubting myself hard.  I believe I’ll be proven wrong, but as of now,  feel like a warty toad.  Ain’t no Midol gonna help my ass…


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